A carbon credit is a form of environmental commodity

that derives its value from a tonne of CO2 or equivalent GHG reduced, removed, or captured before entering the air. Credits are generated from projects that either prevent emissions or remove emissions from the atmosphere altogether. You can purchase and apply offsets against your own emissions to work toward Carbon Neutral/Net Zero commitments or comply with government regulations.

Global carbon markets are complex. With many government-regulated compliance markets and an ongoing dialogue around structure and standards for voluntary markets, navigating market participation can be daunting. Layer on projects with varying degrees of credibility and opaque market forces affecting pricing, and the ability to buy and sell credits.

The Egyptian Carbon Center can help you navigate your way by supporting the development of your market participation strategy and providing credible and trusted access to carbon credit markets as part of your larger carbon management strategy.

Our trading team transacts across voluntary and compliance carbon markets globally. We have all types of local and global credits, spanning multiple project types and jurisdictions, such as nature-based solutions, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and industrial processes.

How can you benefit from carbon trading?

Access global markets

Achieve your environmental goals with access to global carbon markets.

Become an industry leader

Engage stakeholders and differentiate as a sustainable brand.

Reduce emissions

Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by purchasing carbon credits.

Enhance your ESG strategy

Strengthen your social license and support ESG efforts.

ECC Solutions & Services:

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Net-Zero and GHG emission reduction consulting.

Carbon Footprint Report

Carbon footprint assessment and reports.

Water Footprint Report

Water footprint reports of products, and businesses.

Energy Audit

Assisting organizations achieve major energy savings.

Sustainability Strategy

Creating sustainability strategies for organizations and governments.


Auditing solutions to GHG statements/reports.

Sustainable Events

Helping event organizers run sustainable events.

Carbon Credit Trading

Carbon credit trading in voluntary and compliance markets.

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