Transitioning to net zero or reducing your carbon emissions,

is today, the most significant goal and responsibility that organizations and individuals have to consider to limit global warming. To limit global warming to 1.5C, global net CO2 emissions must drop by 45% between 2010 and 2030, and reach net zero around 2050.

Consumers, shareholders and stakeholders know that we must start implementing action plans like Climate Neutral Now, PAS2060 & Climate Active. From a commercial perspective, B2C and B2B markets are increasingly buying “green first”, so if your business is not moving towards carbon neutral, you may be risking your company’s financial future too.

At the Egyptian Carbon Center (ECC), our consultants can help you with your carbon reduction journey. From initial consultations, to know-hows, to setting reliable and achievable goals, our consultants are always available to build strategies, and assist in change management procedures to ensure your business comply with any upcoming carbon reduction regulations or reporting requirements.

ECC Solutions & Services:

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Net-Zero and GHG emission reduction consulting.

Carbon Footprint Report

Carbon footprint assessment and reports.

Water Footprint Report

Water footprint reports of products, and businesses.

Energy Audit

Assisting organizations achieve major energy savings.

Sustainability Strategy

Creating sustainability strategies for organizations and governments.


Auditing solutions to GHG statements/reports.

Sustainable Events

Helping event organizers run sustainable events.

Carbon Credit Trading

Carbon credit trading in voluntary and compliance markets.

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