Sustainable event are – according to the United Nations –

designed and organized to meet two objectives: to minimize all potential negative impacts on the environment and leave a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved.

ECC assist event organizers to measure their event carbon foot print taking into consideration the event’s energy consumption, waste, transportation, flights (if any), lodging, and provide a complete recommendations and plan to both reduce the actual carbon footprint and to offset the remaining amount of emissions, thus creating a carbon-neutral and sustainable event.

Carbon-neutral and sustainable events are not only useful for the environment, but also create a marketing edge to the organizers of these events.

ECC Solutions & Services:

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Net-Zero and GHG emission reduction consulting.

Carbon Footprint Report

Carbon footprint assessment and reports.

Water Footprint Report

Water footprint reports of products, and businesses.

Energy Audit

Assisting organizations achieve major energy savings.

Sustainability Strategy

Creating sustainability strategies for organizations and governments.


Auditing solutions to GHG statements/reports.

Sustainable Events

Helping event organizers run sustainable events.

Carbon Credit Trading

Carbon credit trading in voluntary and compliance markets.

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